Set a variable value based on the selection of another variable

Hi! I have the following request. I have a grafana variable let’s say “environment” which can have 2 values: STAGE and PROD.

I need to have another variable which I can use further in Prometheus dashboards, let’s call it “failures” and for that I need to have value 2 for PROD and value 3 for STAGE. Whenever I select STAGE from the variable drop down, the failures one should automatically have value 3 and the queries should run against that. Whenever I select PROD from variable drop down, it should automatically refresh value for failures to 2 and that value to be used in all the panels from that dashboard.

The only way I could find out was to actually separate the dashboard in 2. One for Stage and one for PROD and then I can control easily that failures value as I can define it as static.

Is there a way in grafana to have that dynamic set of variable based on the value of other value?

Should this work?
If variable composition works like this then I could have a variable called STAGE_failures and I could make use of it in queries if the replace works…

I got the same query !! any leads ?