Can we set a variable value based on the selection of another variable?

Hello All,

Im trying to get some metrics from a csv file and display them on a grafana dashboard. I have created 2 variables hostname and queue_managers(MQ objects running on multiple servers). The idea is, to display the other metrics such as queue detals, queue manager status, channel status …etc by selecting a specific queue manager from the dropdown list. Is there any possible way where i can design the dropdowns of hostname and queue_manager in such a way that when i select a hostname, the other dropdown(queue_manager) should only show me the queue_managers running on selected server’s hostname. Hostname and queue_manager are columns in the csv.

Please suggest any solution to make this work.


We’ve recently updated the documentation for variables. It sounds like you want to create a variable that depends on another variable. Have you checked out the docs for Chained Variables?

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