Server requirements and a couple of questions

I am currently running ReportServer and came across this solution. Grafana looks great. In reading the installation instructions, I can’t seem to find anywhere what the minimum VPS configuration required to run selfhosted is?

A couple other questions I have are:

  • Can you lock down dashboard for users to be read-only? (e.g. so they can’t customise etc…)
  • I can see template dashboards, but is there a source of other graph types (e.g. donuts, etc…) that we can import rather than the whole dashboard?


Please see this comment: Hardware requirements for a Grafana server

Yes, you can assign users the global role Viewer, see permission documentation. Starting from Grafana 5.0 you’ll be able to add permissions for users and groups to dashboards and folders, see what’s new in Grafana v5.0.

Per default Grafana supports 7 panel types, see graph panel documentation and links in left menu to the other panel types. Please see Official & community built plugins where you’ll find a pie-chart panel among many others.