Sentry plugin configuration failure

I’m trying to configure grafana-sentry-datasource as explained here:

However, when clicking on “Save & test” button I get error:

404 Not Found EOF

Any idea what could be the reason ?

Hi @tamirla,

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We will try to reproduce this. Can you please provide the following information:

1- What is your Grafana version?
2- How exactly you installed the plugin i.e. using the command-line tool or some other method?


I use Grafana in the Cloud, and installed it according to the instruction for installing plugin on cloud version


I have moved this post to the Grafana Cloud category so that their community user can guide you with the troubleshooting (or better to can create a support ticket if you have a support subscription).

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thanks @usmanahmad

@tamirla if you have not already done so, please open a support ticket from your account portal so we can review this further! This plugin is expected to function successfully for all Grafana Cloud accounts.


Just chiming in, running into the same issue. Will create a ticket on the provided URL as well.


issue was resolved after I opened a ticket and got the following reply there:

This is due to a known issue Sentry org tool tip not clear · Issue #36 · grafana/sentry-datasource · GitHub