Sentry datasource plugin for Grafana maintainers

I wonder who maintains the Sentry plugin from Grafana, and where is the source code?
There’s a bug in the plugin (I think it’s due to pagination in Sentry API response) that causes only the first 100 project (sorted alphabetically) to be loaded.

I contacted Sentry about this, but they said to contact Grafana. Unfortunately we don’t have paid Grafana, so I can’t open a support ticket. Supposedly the plugin was made by Grafana with direct collab with Sentry, but the Sentry support people seem clueless.

Might posting something here help?

plus this

There is an issue regarding this from march, I added a comment there:

I am not very familiar with the TypeScript and GO but I’ll might give it a go and try to open a PR. I just don’t see a lot of movement in this repo