Selecting "Edit" on panel opens edit window for a different panel

I have a weird issue. I generate a dashboard via json. This is based on json taken from manually configured panels, so while I can’t guarantee it’s without flaws, it’s at least based on something official.
I have a number of rows (~10), each with a single panel. When I select “Edit” on one panel, the edit “window” opens, but for a different panel.

Is there any obvious identifier that I’m repeating, that I shouldn’t?

I can add that it appears to always be the second row/panel that’s being edited.

Can you show the dashboard json? Might be the panel id field that is the problem?

(Are you using Grafana 4.x or Grafana 5.0 beta?)

Using Grafana 4.6.3.

And, yes, you we’re dead right. I just realized that I had panel id == 1 throughout. Confirmed via a manually configured example that this should be unique. This fixed this issue as well as my other one.

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