Select data from Grafana Graph


I’m relatively new to Grafana, but what nice software!

Now I’m searching for something that I can’t find on the internet, so it is maybe not (yet) possible also…

Is it possible to select some data from a graph (line graph), and get these data in a array or save this to another data store? Automatically .

Many Thanks!

Hi @nonkeldw2,

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Grafana actually do not store any data in its database to display it.

What it does it that it require a Data source which connect to a data (either available remotely, locally, public or private) and then display it.

For e.g. if you have a big csv file which contains some data, you first need to define a Datasource which can allow the CSV data to be displayed in Grafana.

This Data source could be a plugin or an end point. But to keep things simple you can simply install a plugin and get such data. example.

This is a plugin which can get data in formats such as csv, json, XML etc and it can get it from a publically open end-point OR inline from what you define OR just upload your .csv file.

I hope this example explains well.

As I do not know in detail as what and where your graph is located but all you need is to configure a Data source. Here is a link to the docs.

I hope this helps.


Many thanks for your answer. I defined already a datastore and aim able to display the data. That not the problem.

My question is:

Is it possible to select in the graph the data? I want to extract automatically the data selected between 2 points. When I select now the data, I zoomed in, but is it possible to get an event with this 2 times (begin and end) and the name of the graph? Then I can create a query to select the data between this two dates?

what is your data source: mysql, postgres? and do you have direct access to it?

My source: InfluxDB, yes i got direct acces to my database.

Couldn’t you run the same query you want directly against influxdb? Using cli or yourinfluxdb:8086

Yes that’s possible, I want to make it more easier for the end user. If I got the start and end time I can do everything what I want. Is there any API or something that gives me the information?

ok that is a whole new requirement if users are involved.
So you want them to select a data range and then save it to another data source? There is no such feature out of the box but maybe look into other plugins for ex.

Where you can add buttons and push data to other data sources using javascript etc