Extract Pop-Up Panel Data


I would like to know how to go about extracting the data that popped up when the mouse is hovered over a certain time frame inside a graph panel. Using the demo site as an example, I would like to extract all the web server names and their values at a specific time from https://play.grafana.org/d/000000012/grafana-play-home?orgId=1.

For example:

2020-11-11 15:34:50
web_server_01:  26.75
web_server_02:  55.35
web_server_03:  84.90
web_server_04:  112.95

Selecting the time is not important but the data pop up at a certain time is. Is there API or internal Grafana query that I can use to achieve this?

I don’t think there is API to extract panel data. Here’s a link to a feature request which is similar to what you are asking for.

Currently you can download a CSV and then perform a search.

It’s been 3 years and we’re still exporting the CSV manually. Thank you for sharing though. I’ve been doing just that.