Scripting change of content in panels


I am modifying the Worldmap panel, and one of the things I want to achieve is to change the content of the other panels in the dashboard based on what I click on in the map.

I have a map with sensor locations and a PostgreSQL database with time-series data for all the sensors.
If I click on a sensor in the map I would like my graph panels to reflect what I clicked - meaning they should show the time-series for the selected sensor.

What I have managed to do is: based on what I click in the map, I open a new tab in the browser. The URL I open the tab with points to a new dashboard with a variable. The variable is also included in the URL. The graphs then shows data for the selected sensor I click in the map.

This is not very elegant, and I would as I have mentioned like to β€œstay” in the same dashboard.

How do I do this?

Is it possible to change the variable based on what I click?
Can I script the panels I need?

Any tip on how to achieve this is highly appreciated!



Dear Helge,

we are looking into similar things, so I wanted to take the chance to refer to a discussion which might be related.

With kind regards,