Adjusting Dashboard Based on Bounding Box of WorldMapPanel or Similar Map

Could someone provide guidance on best way to “refresh” my dashboard based on the “extent” or Bounding Box of a Map. Essentially EVERY panel on my dashboard should query it’s data sources “Spatially”. For the most part all of my panels hit a backend elasticsearch database. The MAP on the page controls everything.

– A couple notes
My Map does NOT have a standard data source. It is a WMS service that pulls in a picture of “points” from a backend database. When the user zooms/pans, etc. I need to refresh my dashboard with a query to it’s backend data sources but filter it by the Spatial Extent of my Map. Essentially the MAP on the page controls everything. All of the panel queries should only be showing results that are in the bounding box of what the Map is showing.

I think what i need to do is set some type of Global Variable or something That every other panel can see and use it to “refresh” itself when querying. My guess is I’ll be writing a custom plugin/panel to do this work so I have some flexibility.

Just looking for general guidance on best way to approach this. I’m using Grafana 7.3.6 (Recent download and new user).

Thanks for your help in advance.