Same width of x-axis in several panels

I have a few panels showing different data sets for the same time period. Stacking them vertically, I would expect to be able to directly compare readings for the same point in time, but that does not work, as different y scales causes the points on the x scales not to match up:

What I would like to get is something like this: (Made by hand-and-eye resizing in gimp)

Or even better:

(Don’t mind that I have two green lines, the idea is to have more or less two panels in one with a common x-axis)

Is it possible to somehow connect the screen x-coordinates of the same panel x-values on two panels or to have two stacked panels within one?

I don’t know about stacking like you want but you could plot both in the same pane add the query of the first on the second.

Yeah, in theory I could, but the Y-axis would be a mess as I need three different scales (two temperature ranges (indoor 15-25 deg C and outdoor (-20 - +30 deg C) and one power range)