Running Grafana 6 in a container alongside Grafana 5.x

Is there a recommended way to do this or is this not possible?

I presume you are trying to run two different versions of Grafana at the same time but sharing a database, is that it?

That can’t be done unfortunately. If there are any database changes between the 5.x and the 6.x version you are running (which there probably is), Grafana 6.x will upgrade the database so that it is no longer compatible with 5.x.

You could setup a copy of the database running with Grafana 6.x to test that it works out, but there is no ways to keep the databases in sync.

Thanks Ingram for this information.
I was insufficiently explicit in that I should have said that I have 5.x running on a machine and I am trying to deploy 6.x in the official container release on that same machine.
The issue I ran into was of course a clash on port 3000 but so far my attempts to change to another port have not worked out. In any case this was/is my strategy.

My “duh” moment:
#: docker run -d --name=grafana -p 3333:3000 grafana/grafana:6.0.0-beta1
… to run on port 3333 on host system and accessing its local db (in my case influxdb)

So running side-by side seems no problem with one instance in its own container.

And 6 beta seems to import version 5 dashboard without a hitch :slight_smile: