Right Y axis tab disappeared in 8.3.3

after update to 8.3.3 (from 7.???) it looks like it is not possible to assign the right Y axis in a newly created dashboard. The respective tab disappeared. Only color options. See screenshot.
When I open an old dashboard everything works.
Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 20.18.20

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @lutzs

you can have multiple (more than 2, even) y axes in Grafana 8, but now you will find that option inside the overrides section of the panel editor:


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Thanks Matt,

but that is not what I see. I find the axis placement options under “all” (not as an override property) and with that I can shift e.g. left to right.
But the problem is that I can’t assign different Y axis to different data sets since the “axis tab” that I see in all my old dashboards (when I click on a legend line) disappeared for new panels. Please see the screenshot I attached to the 1st message.

After searching in other items I found hints to understand your comment better.
So obviously the entire philosophy to assign another axis is changed in vers. 8.
However, when I try to understand what is described in the forum I get stuck when I try to assign a Axis option in overrides. It is simply not available. See screenshot. Is there a plugin missing? Could it be that there is a problem when upgrading from 7.xx to 8.yy on Debian (raspberry pi)?

I am sure you should see the override in version 8. Did you forget to attach the screenshot?

right. thanks and sorry. yes, I see the override but I don’t see the axis option. now with screenshot :wink:

Can you scroll down any further and see any of these options?

no, the screenshot shows all available fields. that is the problem …

Ok, found it … thanks for the hint. Puhhh … am I stupid :wink:

Great. Once you have set up the 2nd axis, please post back and mark as Solution.

will do immediately …

Yeah, it will be better.

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