Reuse of variable parameters from 'Dashboard' Panel

Hi Mefraimsson,

Any idea on this.

I added a world map panel. Added the following sql query (using postgres but should be similar or equal) and selected Format as Table:

Then I changed Location Data to table and table query format to coordinates and get a working point on the map.

HI Mefraimsson,

Thank you for understanding my problem if you don’t mind i have problem in worldmap panel visualization setting options i don’t have “Field mapping options”, please find the below images

G Surendranath

How about naming latitude and longitude columns using only small letters. I can see you’re using capital L now.

Hi Mefraimsson,

Those are not column names those are “alias” names,
Do u have any idea on Field mapping options???

G Surendranath

So name the “alias” using small characters was what I meant earlier.

Even i have tried with small letters its not working.

Tried with MSSQL now and it works. I should add that I’m using Grafana v6.0-pre (current master). What version are you on? And what version of the worldmap panel are you using (I use v0.1.2)? Any errors logged in console using Chrome Developers Tools?

Using MSSQL:

I am using image
Worldmap Panel - v 0.2.0
So with latest world map panel we can’t achieve coordinates??

G Surendranath

Seems like a bug and have been reported here so currently you can’t use that feature in latest world map. Workaround downgrade world map to the version before, if possible.

I am trying the similar way , Single value is working fine for me. But i need to pass multiple values into it , how can i pass those multiple values into a variable. If i pass multiple values it is redirecting as comma seperated value to a new dashboard and i am not getting the expected result.

Example: $GatewayId as value12345 , value6789 , value10,11,12,13

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I faced the same issue. Is there a solution for this?

hello , i want to do exactly same thing ( table with links to other dashboard , passing variable values
so please can yo tell how did you that ?

if others knwo how , please tell us

Im trying this many times using filters tool, but i thinks that’s not possible to do in grafana. I managed to pass many values selected in one of my filters using this way in the link statement: $var-clients = $clients… where $clients is a filter variable with SELECT statement that return the client_id of clients table. But the real problem is read that values in the linked panel … for that, i declare a Constant variable ($clients) to listen var-clients values, but that values come as string separated by comma: "4444, 5555,11,2200", so i dont know what to do with that. Also i created a variable for get thats records from clients table : select client_id from clients where client_id in ({clients})… but don’t work, obviouslly because $clients is a constant string separate by comma… I need a help with that, any idea @mefraimsson ?