How to display panel title using variables from other dashboard

I want to display panel title in grafana using variables not from the same dashboard , but the variables from previous dashboard

please see the attached diagram which explains my problem

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If you configure a variable in dashboard 2 you can bootstrap that with a value thru the url. See


so you have any example for it Iam not sure how I can do it

Have a look at this example dashboard:

As you see in the link there are parts in the url in the form var-<variable name>=<variable value>. Those will take effect when the dashboard are loaded. If you change&var-server=backend_02` url and load that in a browser you’ll notice that the dashboard shows metrics for server=backend_02 instead of backend_01. The panel at the bottom now only have one panel with title backend_02.

You can also have a look at how the server variable are configured by clicking on the $server row:[]=backend_02&var-interval=1h

To apply this for to your use case I think that you want to define an area variable in dashboard 2 and use $area in panel title to render the name of the area. Then you can link to that dashboard with a querystring containing var-area=<area name> which will change the value of $area. There’s a lot of different options for variables and I recommend you to read through the documentation page I referenced earlier.


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