Using query variables as panel title


is it possible to use variables (maybe the wording is wrong) from my query as panel title?
My datasource is CheckMK. Looks like this:

From the example above I would like to use the data which is stored in Graph Settings >> Service field. Or the data which is in General Settings >> Host.


This should certainly be possible, if I understand correctly. Here is an example on our public sandbox instance. You will need to set a template variable based on a query, and then you can add variable foo as $foo in the Panel title:

Thanks for your answer. But I really don’t know how to implement this… maybe its just not the solution to my problem :smiley:

What I want to do is: In my case I want to use the selected service as title.
(In this case should the term “CPU load” be the title.)

Ah, ok, I understand.

I’m guessing that you are using this plugin?

if so, that’s a community built plugin. It looks like you want to use the value chosen in that select box as a template variable. This is probably achievable with a query-based template variable.

I would make an issue or ask for help in that plugin repo. They will have the expertise to get you unblocked here :+1:

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Yes you’re right. Will try this way.

Thanks for your help!

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