Dynamic panel name from Database query

I have grafana setup with a variable from query, where it grabs a list of devices from a table. Then I have a panel to repeat based on that variable, and the quiery changes based on the device variable. It all works very well, but the variable referanced is a uuid and therefore not very human readable.

I have written a second query to get the name from the second table within the panel, but cannot set the panels name to that returned value.

I have tried using the ${{columnName}} in the panel name field, but it does not seem to make any difference.

Query A is getting the data for the timeseries graph, Query B is the name. since it is referance by its primary key, i.e ${Devices}, it would only ever return 1 row, even so I cant get it to be used as the panel name. It shows up as a value in transformations, and also in the table view, but since it is the same value on multiple rows, I feel that this is probably the wrong way to do it.

I don’t want to create another variable with the user readable name and make a reverse query to get the ID, since it is not a primary key and could cause issues in the future.

Can you please show us your variable query?