<Response [412]> {'message': 'The dashboard has been changed by someone else', 'status': 'version-mismatch'}

I am currently using Grafana 8.2.2 and I am trying to make a change to multiple dashboards.
Everytime I use a POST request I get this error:
<Response [412]> {‘message’: ‘The dashboard has been changed by someone else’, ‘status’: ‘version-mismatch’}.

I am using a python script to make the changes, I have used the same script on this Grafana and it worked, but now I don’t seem to find what is the issue.

I have tried setting the overwrite flag to true and increment the version but it doesn’t make any difference.I am sure that nobody else made any changes to the dashboards.

have you tried troubleshooting this? what about cURL-ing in a POST request?