Dashboard API: "'message': 'Not found'"

Hello! I need help with Dashboard API.
I trying to edit my dashboards with api , but get error response “{‘message’: ‘Not found’}” after try to put my updated json to Grafana.
I compare two jsons, received from server and edited, its identical. Maybe I do something wrong?
My request string is
requests.post(url_str, data=json.dumps({“Dashboard”: dsh_json_updated}), headers=base_header)
If it need, i can show full script.

Hi @thorvaldhrafn

Yes I believe more information would help us a lot. Have you had any success communicating with the API manually using an http client like cURL?

Yes, I have full access to api, i get all jsons of my dashboards with right ids.
But when i change some dashboard manually and try to start my script - it works fine. Its like strange internal issue that i cant describe.

hmmm, sounds like your script might be doing something funky…