Grafana API for uploading dashboards error

I’ve exported some dashboards via API endpoint:


And now I’m trying to POST them to a new grafana instance at the following endpoint using curl


but I’m receiving the following error:

{“message”:“Dashboard not found”,“status”:“not-found”}

My json starts like this

"meta": {
	"type": "db",
	"canSave": false,
	"canEdit": false,
	"canAdmin": false,
	"canStar": false,
	"slug": "web-activity",
	"url": "/d/VqpwbJFGk/web-activity",
	"expires": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
	"created": "2021-05-03T06:42:13Z",
	"updated": "2021-05-03T06:42:13Z",
	"updatedBy": "Anonymous",
	"createdBy": "Anonymous",
	"version": 1,
	"hasAcl": false,
	"isFolder": false,
	"folderId": 0,
	"folderTitle": "General",
	"folderUrl": "",
	"provisioned": false,
	"provisionedExternalId": "web-activity.json"
"dashboard": {
	"annotations": {
		"list": [{
			"builtIn": 1,
			"datasource": "-- Grafana --",

Any idea why ? Thx

After getting the dasboard model, you must overwrite the id field with

“id”: null,

Otherwise grafana will try to update a dashboard that doesn’t exist.