Resizing Panels

I know that this is a simple question but here goes. In earlier versions of Grafana, when creating a panel, you were able to resize panels with an option in the ‘General’ section that took values 1 - 12 (I can’t remember the exact option name). I know that you can also resize a panel simply by dragging the panel across the dashboard. But is there any way to resize panels such that each one is exactly the same size as the others?


You can edit JSON model (panel only or whole dashboard), there is gridPos property with h - height and w - width properties:

"gridPos": {
   "h": 4,
   "w": 24,
   "x": 0,
   "y": 3

That’s great. I tested it and that did the trick. Thank you very much.

Hi @jangaraj, do you know perhaps if there is way to adjust the default “snap to grid” resolution? Relatively speaking, the adjustments on the JSON model resets to the default grid size of 1. Would be great to make the resolution 0.1 rather.

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Thanks! :slight_smile: