Auto-resizing panels based on the content

Does anyone know if we have the option to “auto-resizing panels based on the content”. it is too clumsy in the panel if more rows are added.
Using grafana version Grafana v10.3.3

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It’s possible I don’t entirely understand - perhaps you could give a few more details on what exactly you mean by auto-resize – but in general grafana panels are sized & placed in the dashboard via a “grid positioning system”.

This doesn’t automatically adjust (other than at the CSS level; panels will change size as you resize the browser for example). I could imagine a lot of problems stemming from automatic adjustment based on how grid items “flow” down the page, so it’s tricky to imagine this working in a way that would be desirable.

But one other thing to mention - the grid positioning is editable via the dashboard JSON, see this other answer for an example - and code could interact with the HTTP API to do this sort of thing if it’s desirable.

For instance, we have a panel with more rows, that looks too clumsy. ref the image