Grafana 5 panel-content size

Hi guys,
I’ve started using new grafana 5 recently and currently trying to solve the following problem: I have a table in my plugin which obviously changing its size (height) based on content. Unfortunately, my panel-content size doesn’t fit automatically to the table size and I see the following:

if you look at right bottom corner you’ll get what i mean.

I was trying to do something like that:

('.dashboard-container').css({'min-height': '880px', 'overflow': 'hidden'}); (’.react-grid-layout’).css({‘min-height’: ‘880px’, ‘overflow’: ‘hidden’});
('.react-grid-item').css({'min-height': '880px', 'overflow': 'hidden'}); (’.panel-container’).css({‘min-height’: ‘880px’, ‘overflow’: ‘hidden’});
$(’.panel-content’).css({‘min-height’: ‘880px’, ‘overflow’: ‘hidden’});

but it didn’t help.
could you guys please help me to solve my problem?

I think you will have to calculate the new height and then set it with JavaScript:

this.panel.gridPos.h = 40 // your new height

Do we need to trigger “panel-size-changed” from the plugin once changing grid.h?