Simple Panel plugin, resize and formatting examples

The simple panel plugin is a bit too simple. The content stays static when resizing the panel letting the contents spill out of the panel boundary instead of resizing it.
I kind of expected a minimum panel to already handle that kind of stuff, but I find no examples or description of how to handle or do simple formatting that stays within the panel.
Any broader examples? All orf the source I looked at for other panel plugins were far too complicated and embedded for what I want.

I like this exemple in this webinar. Was most helpful to me.

I typically wrap my panel content in a div like this:

return (
      width: ${width}px;
      height: ${height}px;
      overflow: auto;

  // Panel content

  • The width and height is available from props.
  • overflow: auto; adds a scrollbar to the panel if the content spills over.