Grafana 5: Changing height of the panel in my plugin

Hi. I’m testing new version Grafana 5 and I can’t control the height of the panel. I need to change the height of the panel dynamically depending on the content. Also in my plugin there is a drop-down menu that is hidden behind the panel.
In this video, I use Grafana 4.6 (it work correctly)
In this video, I use Grafana 5-beta (it doesn’t work correctly)

Is there any method in Grafana 5 for changing the height of the panel? Or can you give any advice how to solve this problem?

This is not possible in Grafana v5

It’s a pity :disappointed_relieved:

Hey, we are having this problem as well, would you consider opening a defect on this?

I decided to use scrolling, but it still does not work well in version 5: Grafana 5: "overflow: scroll" does't work on mobile