Repeating curve in a panel


In the same way that you can repeat a line or a panel in fonction of a defined variable, I’d like to know if it’s possible to repeat curves on the same panel.

I have already repeated panels but Instead of having 3 different panels with 3 curves, I would like to have 1 panel with these 3 curves.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You should be able to
What is your datasource and the visualization that show curve?

If I understand you correctly the 3 similar data sets and you want to compare them on one graft.

You just add the 2nd and 3rd queries.

what if OP wants 150 curves?

It is a very specific datasource of my company.

Perhaps i can give you an example of what i want to do:

On all projects, I want to plot the power versus time curves for each piece of equipment I have.

example of equipment: a solar panel on a house, a photovoltaic power plant, a hydraulic power plant, solar panels on the town hall… Each piece of equipment has a different id

But depending on the project, I may have a different number of pieces of equipment, which means that for project A I would have 5 curves; for project B, 8; project C, 12…

But I’d like to automate all that using variables.

Until now I’ve used variables:

  • I made a variable in the form of a list (e.g.: equipment A : 1, equipment B : 2, equipment C : 3, …)
  • with the repeat tool, I repeated the panel as many times as I had equipment in my list

but instead of having x panels, I want 1 panel with x curves

one query, then you can add your different power sources as one variable so that you can filter one project at a time.

Hey folks, I’ve been experimenting with Grafana and I’ve come across an interesting challenge. I’m wondering if there’s a way to repeat curves on the same panel, similar to how we can repeat lines or panels based on a defined variable. Currently, I have three separate panels, each displaying a different curve, but what I really want is to consolidate these three curves into a single panel. Is there a way to achieve this? I’ve explored various options and configurations, but haven’t found a straightforward solution yet. If any fellow Grafana enthusiasts have encountered a similar situation or have any ideas on how to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Thanks in advance for your help and expertise!