How to repeat group of panels in a block?

Grafana version 8.2.1

I am trying to repeat a group of panels in a block but can’t find a way to achieve this. Below is the block of panels I would like to repeat:


When I set to repeat vertically, it repeats each panel separately and not the whole block (below picture).

The end resultant I want is something like this:

can you provide a little more detail here? Are you using some specific, templated dashboard?

Also, it sounds like you want to use chained variables. Here are some useful starting points and example dashboards in our public sandbox :+1:

Hi @mattabrams, thank you for responding.

I am indeed using nested/chained variables as shown in the picture below

Picture 1:

For showing purpose, I have selected 3 assets in the drop down box - CW29, KS01, KS06. What I want to achieve is the exact representation of the picture above (which I have manually positioned (drag and drop) the tiles/panels in this format). I want to represent data for all assets in my plant to be displayed in a block like this which will display- ‘Machine State’, ‘1st Shift Availability’, ‘Time since last state change’ and ‘2nd Shift Availability’ for each asset.

So when I try to replicate this format for all assets on my plant floor and I select repeating options vertically (or horizontally) it does not result in the format that I would like (Picture 1).


Resulted image:

In the above picture, upon selecting ‘vertical’ repeating option, it repeats for each panel in a sequential manner and not in a manner that I would like (in block of panels) as shown in picture 1. I searched if there are any plugins for this but there couldn’t find one.

I think you should be able to achieve what you want by creating a row, then adding your panels within the row. Then set the row to repeat by the variable, rather than the individual panels.

Although I still think your question is valid, and I don’t understand why this feature is not supported properly. I am in a very similar situation, but would like to repeat it horizontally instead of vertically, as this just ends up with a very narrow but long row of repeated panels, using only 10% of the horizontal screen space.

Thanks @spmvoss for the response. I am actually looking for the same idea that you have mentioned. For the example purposes I chose to repeat vertically but I would eventually want to repeat horizontally (in a block) with max of 2 or 3 per row so that it covers my entire dashboard.