Removing Graph TITLE bars and moving them inside

I trying to reproduce some part of this guy’s dashboard. If you look at his STAT type boxes like the Greens, Yellows, Purples you can see that he is not using the regular Graph TITLE which would yield a black TEXT heading on top of the graphs and looks ugly.

If you don’t enter a title then they look cool like his, they become bigger however I would still like to have some text there saying what they are without using the title feature.

So how does he do it? My idea is that he adds those labels like “Current Power” somehow as static text to the Prometheus Query in Grafana.

Any ideas?


Those are not panel titles, but metric/label names/aliases from queries. See examples in the playground:

I beg your pardon? Could you please elaborate on this a bit?

I have a single count() metric coming in from prometheus with no label whatsoever how can I apply a STATIC text to be a label not a title for this?!

You must be creative:

I set it to Value and Name that’s ok but if I go to the transformation and chose Organize there is absolutely nothing in that I cannot open that dropdown menu unlike you.

So brah it’s ain’t that simple as is :confused: I still couldn’t figure it out can you please help, as I said I cannot open that Organizations dropdown box.

still can’t figure this out, anyone knows?

works for me too:

Man I can do this all day long literally it won’t get better.

I have 1 single prometheus datasource count() which returns an integer. I cannot set any of the options you have in transformations.

Can you try moving the organize fields transformation to the top?

Yes makes absolutely no difference it cannot be opened, it has no elements.

what does your data look like in the table view?

OK you are correct the extract + organize + value and name display does that trick but ONLY if there is valid data coming in from the query. I have bunch with (currently) no data which defaults to zero in those cases. I would still like to display the label that what is zero here…

How is filter data by values helping in this case?!

You can also use the filter data by values transformation to exclude the null values if that would be easier?

Seems like can’t as it shows in this case even the filter has no attributes to set to.