Remove server from list of data sources

Hello, everyone,

Assume that “local-testing” in the next image is a server that in the past sent data to Grafana, but not anymore. Altough its not used, it still appears in the list of “servers”. This is an issue because if:

  • I have some alert that look for null values;
  • I use a wildcard, e.g. “local-*”, to set the data source;

The alerts will fire up because the wildcard will catch the legacy server, which will have a value of null to whatever parameter I’m looking at.

Is it possible to remove data sources, like the “local-testing” in the example, from the list?

(I’m still not totally into Grafana terminology, so I might be giving weird names to things :slight_smile: )

Luís Campos


You cannot do this in Grafana. Since you’re using Graphite you need to delete the whisper files on disk for that metric/value. There should be plenty example of how to do this if you search for it.