Deleting DataSources

We have some defunct data sources where the plugin no longer exists, and they are dead. Is there way in the GUI to delete a datasource? Or possibly via CLI?

Click on the Configuration gearwheel, select Data Sources, and you should get a
list of the data sources which are configured.

Click on one, and there should be a “delete” button at the bottom.

If not, let us know which version of Grafana you’re using and what you find
instead of the above.


The above is what I get

Using Version 6.6.2


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Same question as the original above. We DO have the delete button at the bottom but it’s unclickable. Why would that be when our new default data source is current and in use?


I am stuck at the same screen. It continues to load and I’'m not able to delete the data source

I have the same screen

Ver 8.0.6

And when eventually it times out and gives me the option to delete, there is an error and the delete is unsuccessful

same issue here. and was not posible to delete from cli.

cat /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources/ansible.yml     
apiVersion: 1
- name: Prometheusssdss

will delete the datasource.

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