How to remove a decomissioned server from Grafana Dashboard

Hi, I’m using Grafana 9.3.2, set up to send Alerts on CPU usage to Microsoft Teams.

One of the Dev servers was decommissioned but we are still getting alerts from that server, even though the Gafana doesn’t get any data from that server.

I would like to remove this server from Grafana and, subsequently from the Alerts.

Here is the server, I want to remove it from here:

How do I remove this server from the source, considering the server is decommissioned?

Hi @sirkinghorse,

Thanks for opening this post.

I see in the attached screenshot that basically this dev is saved as a Dashboard variable.

You can simply remove this dev variable from your Dasharod-variable. I have attached a small screencast as how to do it:


I hope this helps.

Hey there, it somewhat depends on how you use youre variables.

I had a similar use case, we sold a physical building that had some resources we were monitoring, and are no longer monitoring them.

We had an Eaton UPS We were monitoring via SNMP with Telegraf/InfluxDB.

When we stopped monitoring at the site, the switches that are monitored via SNMP using Prometheus(we are migrating all assets this way as its easier to manage) they immediately dropped off our dashboard once the time from of there reporting had surpassed(last 6 hour data view in panel, so after 6 hours you would no longer see it)

for the UPS it stayed in the variable but was reporting no data on panels, because well we removed it from telegraf, i had to run:

DELETE FROM "snmp.EATON" WHERE "agent_host" = ''

Hope that helps