Region annotations via API not working


On version 6.0.2 (tried on 5.4 before upgrading, same thing, fyi).

I’m trying to add region annotations via API (in Python), but it’s only returning a single event instead. I’m setting isRegion to true and giving and end time, and don’t get an error response. Here’s a sample I’m sending:

“time”: 1550793604451,
“isRegion”: true,
“timeEnd”: 1550797596129,
“tags”: [
“text”: “JOB-123 : Send replication update to target”

and I’m getting the response:

“id”: 19,
“message”: “Annotation added”

so it is sort of working, I get an event at the correct time, text and tags as expected, just not the region/end, no errors I can find in logs, etc. Can’t see what I’m doing wrong, any ideas?


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