How to resize Grafana annotation/annotation start and end times

Grafana 4.6 introduced some cool built-in features on Annotations.

However, I have a few questions to ask and check with the community whether Grafana’s team is working on related improvements.

  1. Once you create a region/Annotation, how to resize it? IOW, how to edit its start and end timestamps via the GUI?

  2. When querying the REST API, I noticed that the Annotation has a field in the Json response called time which corresponds to the start timestamp although an Annotation would have an end timestamp too. How to get the end timestamp of an Annotation?

  1. you can click the pen icon while hovering over the region, then you mark a new region and save an update annotation.

  2. The REST api will return two annotations for regions (one for start and one for end, the end mark has a regionId that is the id of the first annotation that marks the start)

Does this (still) work? In 6.2.5 when I edit an annotation and try to mark a new region, I get a fresh annotation entry dialog (and the existing one vanishes).