Create annotations via API isRegion=true


I am using a POST to the api to create an annotation region. I get a 200 when inserting via /api/annotations


According to the doc I should expect an id and endId in my response. My response is as follows:

‘message’ => ‘Annotation added’

I am not able to see any of these annotations. Wondering if the missing id & endId are indicating a problem?


This was fixed in issue and are included in Grafana 4.6.3. So I would suggest you to upgrade.


I installed 4.6.3 and am still having the same issue. In reading the issue it indicates the fix is in 4.7.x and 5.x beta. Is that accurate? Thanks

That could probably be so. My bad. Sorry. We never released v4.7, but there are beta 4 release of v5.0 available. Planning to release stable beginning of March.