Can annotations from Elasticsearch have an end time?

I’m trying to define the best structure for recording some quite intrusive deployment “events” in ES, with a view to overlaying them as annotations in Grafana. The fun bit is, they’re not really atomic “events”, more “periods of time during which things are being mutilated in prod”—it’s a rather sad legacy system!

I’d like to be able to show the “event” in Grafana as a region, like you get if you cmd+drag to create a custom annotation on a graph panel. If I understand this vaguely related post correctly, an annotation with a duration is actually internally represented as two annotations, joined by a common regionId (the “end” annotation has the “begin” annotation’s id as its regionId). Is there a way I can mimic this in annotations queried from ES?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions of alternative ways I might approach this.