Graph annotation creation (CTRL + Click) does not work anymore

Hey Guys,

Few months ago (April 21), I set up a Grafana instance for managing graph display of ‘big’ time based data set on Node-Red dashboard.
This worked perfectly.
For data treatement reasons, I used region creation throw the graph GUI (CTRL + drag-n-drop) then API requests to get info arround this region and process some data calculation.

To day, when a colleage managed to reuse this tool, it seams that annotation/region creation does not work any more:

  • With CTRL + Click on graph, nothing happen at all
  • With CTRL + Drag-n-Drop, only time zoom in processed

Unfortunately, I didn’t check Grafana version at the moment it worked well. And I cannot insure that ther have been any updates on this shared server (DEBIAN).
But today, I tried to upgrade it version 8, but nothing changed. And I tried to downgrade to 7.5.0 but nothing changed as well.

Please advice where I’m wrong, or where to have a look for retrieving annotation management through graph GUI.


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Little update.

With Grafana 8.0.6, and editing hte chart as Graph (old) type, I’m now able to create annotations and regions from Grafana GUI, but not from embedded iframe (it was the case before).

Many somebody have an idea?

Maybe this impacts you? Add annotation on timeseries is not work. · Issue #37136 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

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HI @purneau,

THanks for the reply. But they explain the same behavior like me :annotation on grahp (old) is OK. I confirm this on my side when I use Granafa GUI directly. My concern is that the behavior is not the same when I embedd my graph into a frame… :frowning:

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