Pop-up button "add annotation" on click on graph


Pop up button “add annotation” appears when i click on the graph.
In the documentation i see that adding annotation available by holding down Ctrl/Cmd+Click. But now it appears just by click, without ctrl/cmd.

It seems like a bug, because it prevents me from zooming time range. This button constantly appears when I want to zoom the graph.

Version where it appears - 6.7.3
On version 6.0.2 it doesn’t appear

How do I get rid of this? Is it normal behaviour?

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I’m using Grafana Version 7.1.5 and I don’t have this issues. Annotation box appears with Ctrl + Mouse Click; it doesn’t appear when I try to zoom in.

Updated to 7.1.5. The problem is still there. On 7.3.1 is also present. :frowning: