Disable annotations

Is there an option to disable completely annotations?

I would like to change the behavior of the simple click on the graph to avoid the tooltip of “Add annotation”. I disabled in the config but it seems does not work



I have same problem.
I need to disable that pop-up “Add annotation”.

Still no Solution to disable the annotation popup?

Possibility for disableing the annotation popup would be good.


It still does not work. Do you found another way to hide the tooltip after a click?

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I just figured this issue has already been reported on GitHub. You can take a look at it here.

I would recommend you follow up with this and hopefully, it gets resolved soon.


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Thanks you very much for the GitHub issue. I will follow the issue here.

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Awesome! @castillo92

Digging this thread up as we were also struggling with this when using Grafana on iPads…
The ‘Add annotation’ popup appears to be disabled for users with ‘Viewer’ privileges AND when a given dashboard is configured as ‘Read-only’. This, of course, is only helpful in a limited set of use cases. Tested with Time-series* panels on Grafana 8.1.5.

*The “old” Graph panel might behave differently.