Reduce X-axis domain to properly display data

In doing some work with Grafana and InfluxDB I’ve encountered a plotting issue.

I have an influx query that filters data from a given timerange, and in this instance the values found are pretty much in the middle of the initial time range. Given that the time range is a couple of days long and the found data only spans 20 seconds, the resulting graph has all the data point compressed in the middle of the x-axis, making it impossible to distinguish the data points by eye.

This happens because the x-axis is based on the initial time range, but I would like the final x-axis to be based on the found data points time stamps, is this possible?

I cannot make the inital time range shorter because it is needed for other queries.

Please see attached images.


Data to be graphed
Current (wrong) result, x-axis too large

Hi @thiird, unfortunately it’s currently not possible to dynamically scale displayed range to available data. Maybe check out this recent discussion for some more info/ideas: Set time range for panel dynamically (autofocus, autozoom) - #9 by patrick89

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Thanks for the quick answer.
Hopefully it will be implemented in the near future.