Time series x axis scale

Hello , As a part of my project i need to retrieve 30 minutes old data (collected from 8 sensors at a time) from the database .and dynamically plot these values on the x-axis in Grafana , at every 2 minutes cycle .

Anyone knows the solution plz help me

It’s not entirely clearl to me what your problem is. What have you tried to
do and what is not working correctly?

It might be helpful to tell us at the same time:

  1. Which operating system and version are you running Grafana on?

  2. Which version of Grafana are you running?

  3. Which back-end data store are you using?


I am using Grafana 10.2.2 Windows OSS version, and I’m glad to see the response. I utilize an API call to retrieve value from the Oracle database in accordance with the requirements of my project. I’m using Infinity as my data source and Time Series visualization in this instance. The X axis value does not automatically adjust to the API time change (a two-minute refresh cycle), which is my issue.

When i manually select a time range after that range shows that Data out of range , also when i manually select 00:00:00 to 23:55:00 then data become very small and not clear. So i need to change x axis time automatically as per API response (two second refresh cycle). Kindly say way do this.

Environment Details:

  1. Operating System: Windows 11
  2. Grafana Version: 10.2.2 (Windows OSS version)
  3. Data Source: Oracle database connected to Grafana via API
  4. Data Source Plugin: Infinity
  5. Visualization Type: Time Series

“At every refresh rate in Grafana, I am getting the data to the Grafana dashboard table view, but this data is not getting dynamically plotted on the X-axis of the graph.”