How to 'choose' X axis and save queries of InfluxDB as standard?


First time here, so I’m sorry if i mess anything up. :smile:

I’m gathering sensor data and some timestamp (the exact moment each sensor data was pulled) and would like to display it with grafana. I’m currently using InfluxDB as my database.

My first point is: is it possible to use one of my columns in the database as the datetime displayed in the X axis of the live plot? I’m trying to do it right now, but it seems that Grafana is using Influx’s ‘automatic’ timestamp as an obligatory X axis. (sidenote: this is bad for me because, for a couple of reasons, I’m adding up to 12 points simultaneously in my db)

Second point is: I’m writing the querys and setting the update time as 10s. It works for 10 seconds, displaying my data, but as soon as it passes, it seems like the query resets and I’m back to ‘No data’ in my plot.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!