Reading Router stats

Hi All, first time visitor so sorry if breaking location or protocol in posting.

I have installed grafana into my Home Assistant machine. The install is fine and all is working beautiully. Very impressed with Grafana.

The quesiton I have is that I am using a Technicolor Router which outputs data for network speeds (down/upload) in KiB/s Which after reading is apparently Kibibytes which I had never heard of. Im trying to put that into 2 guages representing mbps.

Has anyone come across this as I am seeing statics being reported but not the correct conversion rates.



The difference between the units is as follows:
1 KiB = 1024 Byte (2¹⁰) (Data(IEC) -> Kibibytes)
1 kB = 1000Byte
kb = 1000 bits

To show the result in mbps you can divide by (8/1024 = 128) in your datasource and select bits/second as unit.