Questions about bar gauge and other things

I have few questions

  1. When creating bar gauge, on the middle tab (with graph image) there is dropdown named Calc, as the options there are many values. There are also tooltips (in smaller fony). One of the options is Count. So whats the difference between values and responses? Whats dictating how many values are included in response? 1 value = 1 response? And why there are multiple rows on the gauge? Where can I delete series description of particular gauge? Very unclear thing.

2.Why alerts cannot be created to every presentation type (AFAIK only to graphs; am I right?) Why alerts cannot be set to, say, data presented in table or any other form? Its not clear also.

  1. Im creating dashboard to monitor AWS EC2 instance. I want to have one bar gauge consisting of four (4) gauges (NetworkIN, NetworkOUT and packetsIN, packetsOUT)
    when I add first monitor (NetworkIN), I got six (6) small gauges respresenting what? When I want to delete one small gauge, all six gets deleted, leaving me with blank placeholder. Other way round: when I add all four metrics, I end up with page-high placeholder with 24 (twenty-four) gauges (6 gauges/metrics * 4 metrics). Thats ridiculous

  2. Now question about metric visualization called logs. Its misleading name as its not to present log files (as the name suggests) but to present …? Thats strange; this is some sort of graph of some sort ?? Dont know.

  3. Thing that works best (=as intended) are graphs. Good, old classic graphs. My question is whats the max count of metrics to be placed on one graph?

  4. When I hoover over graphed area, small popups appears with “to-point” value(s); can this popups’ background be more transparent? Would be nice.

  5. In the top-right corner of the screen there is a refresh-rate button with dropdown. Why there once was value like “now” so it refreshes all the metrics in real-time instead of periodically but is no longer?

  6. When editing existing metrics (gauge), on the General tab, there is a section called “Repeating”… repeating of what? Its not clear. Also :: in the general section in general tab (names, names), there is switch called “Transparent” which makes whole metrics transparent. Whats that for? For stacking many metrics on top of one another? No sense to me. Also whats the description of the gauge for? Its presented nowhere so its only be-to-be function (like many in whole Grafana)

  7. Variables. What they are for and why most of them presents some sort of error?

  8. Period. Tooltip says “Minimum interval between points in seconds” :: between what points? On graph or points in time when querrying datasource? Not clear.

  9. Same with ID. ID of what? whats used for? where its used?

  10. Dashboard preferences::

General tab:: there is Auto-refresh field where we can input values. What format must values be? wjats range? nothing provided; take a guess…
Next textinput and its description “Now delay now-”; what?? any hint anywhere?

Annotations tab:: what are they? what they do? there is some text about their representation but not what they are for? Again take a guess…

Same with Variables tab. More :: vars can be switched from dropdown on the top of dashboard making it dynamic. So - without vars dashboard are static, right? NO FUCKING SENSE.

Permissions tab:: there is sth called default permission. So, where can I change no-default permission, and what are they? Are they hidden somewhere? They must be according to common sense (and spelling)…

Now hold yourself :: have not touched default permissions set and want to add one (or two) from dropdown; I select “User” > am selecting user > (suppose) Edit > hit Save button, permission gets saved (and listed); thats ok; but how can I set if I wanted the user not to be able to do something? There is no way of doing this. Also :: I can change default permission in whatever way I want; even if it means changing role Viewer to be able to administer (dashboard or whole Grafana - not clear). Seriously viewer can (and should) have admin rights? Jesus what a nonsense. Its a backdoor at the same time. System should not let me do this.

All I mean (in 10 & 11) is that tooltips are written in the way its not clear what they refer to and why something is done the way it is.

From the very last moment:: I noticed graph not displaying correctly (whole right side is empty). Regardless how the time picker is set; it looks awful

And as we speak about time picker, Ive noticed that, even after adding now value (in preferences > General), and after now has been chosen from timepicker, its not respected (= dashboard does not go real-time).

(Dashboard) Preferences > Variables > New::
Type: Adhoc filters; Options: Datasource; and blue tip is displayed “This datasource doesnt support adhoc filers yet”. Seriously? If so, than why combobox named Typelets me select Adhoc filters? Misleading!
How does variable type interval work? Interval in/of what?
And now ladies & gentleman hit ::: Variables type:: constant Seriously its so stupid I dont know how to comment it…

And I did it :: I broke my dashboard(!). where the hell is JSON/XML file for dashboard stored? I use Grafana hosted by Grafana (free version). Or is there any other method of restoring access to my dashboard as its unreachable at the moment (Round services turning and nothing happens). Problem here is that Im an admin and Im responsible for searching (and establishing if found suitable) monitoring solution for my company. At this point Im sure this will not be Grafana.

BTW what are services? what kind of them?

I installed Grafana locally, am adding graph now and another tricky thing:: Thresholds & Time regions area; I want two thresholds (t1 && t2); There is dropdown next to threshold name with things to select (LT / GT) What are these? And second question:: how to create threshold range (from value X to value Y)? Is there a way?

OK, another one:

How to remove NetworkIN_Average && NetworkOut_Average labels? OK there is title field in properties, but it changes both titles at once. And I want to change both but each to different string. Can this be done?
And how to add counter to the first horizontal-bar just like there is a counter next to second bar?

And next thing :: adding new user screen; everything is OK except Role dropdown. why is this dropdown styled like it was rounded one while other dropdowns are flat? Consistency please…

As of users :: why new users are invite-only? why admin is unable to add them on demand without sending out invitation? And, another thing where consistency is not right, when creating new user, with Send invite mail deactivated, it should just create user. But hell no; it sends out invitation. And the user is not visible in user’s list (I suppose until user accepts invitation)… Something is buggy here as well…

Edit :: Been setuping Grafana (local) to my liking/needs as an admin and noticed this:Zrzut ekranu 2020-01-3 o 23.47.43
May I ask you for reasons why orgs within the very same Grafana instance are not able to share things like data sources? I understand that orgs cant (and in fact shouldnt) share dashboards, but whats the rationale behind taking away ability to use the same datasource? Its total absurd for me.

With all due respect developers: as its now Grafana looks like amateurish work not even RC. It should be beta version. Its far from final version for me. Its good start, good entry-point; now it just needs two things: consistency (also within UI/UX) and polishing…