10 metrics - two bars as a stacked bar with all metrics


I’am using Grafana v10.4.0 version.

I have an issue with creating a bar gauge-ish or bar chart (vertical one).

I think there are around 11 metrics and I want to create 2 bars with all of those metrics.

For Example, I want to use:

Metric A, Metric B, and Metric C for Bar number 1 and show as a stacked bar with all of those values from each metric.

My goal is to achieve 2 bars with all metrics but those bars should show every value from each metric. What’s more, I’m also using the variables for filtering data (but idk if it is important or not).

I managed to create separate bars by aggregating those metrics into two different bars (without stacking) using the transformation: “Add field from calculation” and “Filter fields by name” but I Don’t have any idea how to change/create a different one with a stacked bar.

Do you have any idea how to do it?

It is very important to achieve vertical bar-gauge with two stacked bars.

What common data point do they have for grouping

Please share sample data


Common data for all of those metrics?

There would be a couple of them like Type, TimeStamp, Category (etc.)
For grouping I am using variables example: Type=“$Type” as a dropdown filtering.

please post some sample data as follows

vader,33.3,2024-03-19 02:00:00

etc. Hard to give you a well rounded reponse by guessing what your data looks like and avoid unnecessary back and forth. help us help you :wink:


I have data like this (I forgot to mention that I’m using Prometheus VM for creating graphs):

“metric”: {
name”: “XOX_Processing”,
“Client”: “Client1”,
“Destination”: “Destination1”,
“Environment”: “ENV_A”,
“Pool”: “Pool_01”,
“TM”: “ABC”,
“db”: “DB_1”
“value”: [
“group”: 1

Labels are taken from "metric’, value from “value” :slight_smile: