Question on using "Series" Mode for X-Axis


I’m looking the X-Axis “Series” mode to build the CPU usage dashboard which shows me the usage for each core. There are couple of issues I have

  1. Is it possible to order the time series displayed in any way ? For example by name would work great. Currently the order is undefined as Prometheus does not give any guaranty about order of time series returned.

  2. As you can see I can show total CPU utilization… what I would love to have though is several time series which are grouped by series name… and stacked so I could show the bar which consists of User System IOwait etc ?

I recognize it kind of requires 2 dimensional setup which this panel type might not support but I’m interested hearing ideas.

No, unfortunately. Grafana has no support for sorting here and I don’t think Prometheus has support for that in the query either.

The “Series” mode is a bit limited compared to the “Time” mode and does not support this kind of grouping and stacking.

Grouping and stacking are normal features that you could expect a bar chart to support but we really should create a new bar chart panel rather than adding even more features to the graph panel. But creating a new Bar chart panel is not on our current to-do list…

There is an external plugin which implements some of the Plotly visualizations - it could be extended to show Plotly bar charts.

Sorry - don’t have any other ideas.