Sorting wildcard series

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I have multiple series coming from a single data source, and Id like to be able to control the order of these series in the graph, as my graph is stacked. I've only got 2 series, and, by default, they are alphabetical. Id like to reverse this, although knowing how to do an arbitrary order would also be useful.

I was hoping that I`d be able to do something about this in the panel options rather than the query, but I couldn’t find anything in either Graph (old) or Time Series

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

My current query (to Graphite) is:
aliasByNode(sumSeriesWithWildcards(exclude(a.b.c.d.*.*.g, 'pending'), 4), 4)
This is giving series labels based on the * that is in the “f” position, in alphabetical order.

I tried adding a sortByName function around this:
sortByName(aliasByNode(sumSeriesWithWildcards(exclude(a.b.c.d.*.*.g, 'pending'), 4), 4), true)

I tried with both true and false as the parameter.

I found this documentation on Graphite:
But the function in Grafana only seems to take a single parameter. Changing it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

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Nothing changed

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I was hoping to be able to have my “B” series be on the bottom of the stacked graph and the “A” series be on the top.

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See above

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No errors

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I noticed your question, the ability to sort the stacked graph by the sort order of the legend is added in this pr: Time series/Bar chart panel: Add ability to sort series via legend by zoltanbedi · Pull Request #40226 · grafana/grafana · GitHub