Order of stacked timeseries and legend

In my grafana dashboards showing metrics via queries to prometheus I see that the order of the different entries, e.g. Busy-user Busy-Idle Busy-System etc in a stacked graph keeps switching places probably depending on what values are updated. So does the legend order.

Is there a way to fix the order? I thought that the point of ordering the queries themselves up or down (A,B,C etc) would result in a given order in the graphs, but apparently not.

I would like to e.g. see the query results stacked in the following order

See attachement showing two graphs with different order of the metrics.

See also how I have tried to order the queries to show the desired order, but as the grafana plots show this clearly is not the right way.


if this is 6.4 it’s a bug we are fixing in v6.4.2 coming next week

Hi, thanks for the answer. Yes, this is version 6.4.1.

Looking forward to it being fixed! Thanks.


Hello, we updated from v7 to v8.1.4. Now it is not working with ordering of stacked series like here. We are using old graph panel.