Stack order lost between 5.0 and 6.4

I’ve just migrated from an old Grafana 5.0 install to a Grafana 6.4 and I’ve immediately noticed that the stack order for graphs now seems to be random, even if I’ve explicitly defined and ordered the metrics in the graph config.

Eg: The following graph has queries:

  • A: system
  • B: user
  • C: iowait
  • D: other
  • E: idle

5.0 CPU graph:

The same graph in 6.4:

Every time the graph is rendered in 6.4 the order of the metrics randomizes and that makes it quite difficult to follow trends in the data. How do I get 5.x’s consistent behaviour back?

Same issue, graphs are now upside down, at 15sec refresh, you don’t even know whats going to happen, graphs keep changing making it impossible to track anything unless we’re able to order those stackable metrics somehow.

Fixed in 6.4.2

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