Query Builder only suggests first ~100 measurements

Hi There,
I’m using grafana with influxDB as backend.
Yesterday I integrated my new home automation system (homematic). It delivers me a really many measurements due to the high amount of controllers and sensors.

Now I have the issue, that the query builder only suggests me the first (I think) hundred measurements. Is there a possibility to modify this setting? Otherwise I always need to check the measurements names via show measurements directly in influxdb. That’s a little bit … boring…

Many thanks in advance

It is hardcoded to 100. I think it should be configurable as well. If you want, open up an issue and reference this https://github.com/grafana/grafana/blob/7e106b0f4908ec939fd981dedf1ad6e3d8af52a3/public/app/plugins/datasource/influxdb/query_builder.ts#L104

It wouldn’t take much to implement a configurable field in the datasource config, or at least increase it to something less restrictive (200 at least).