Grafana + influxdb, show only some measurement for specific dashboard


I have some measurement in my influxdb like this :

  • a_metric1
  • a_metric2
  • a_metric3
  • a_metric4
  • b_metric1
  • b_metric2

If i create a dashboard, i see all my measurements (a_metric1, … b_metric2).
It’s possible to filter / proposal only certains measurement for dashboard (query editor) ?

For example, my dashboard dash_a_metric show only measurement a_*


No, you can’t configure it on the Grafana level. Create dedicated DB for each measurement and then create datasources in the Grafana for them = Grafana will be suggesting only measurement(s), which are available in the configured DB.

If you want to create authorization, then the best option is to use organizations and datasource configurations per organization